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Web check-in opens 15 days before the scheduled departure time and closes 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.

Web check-in opens 15 days before the scheduled departure time and closes 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.

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Shymkent – Nur-Sultan (Astana) flight tickets

Regardless of the purpose of visiting the capital of Kazakhstan, it is important to choose a convenient, reliable and fast way to get from Shymkent to Astana (Nur-Sultan). The distance between the cities of Shymkent and Nur-Sultan is more than 1400 kilometres. You can get to the city of destination by car and do not rely on anyone, but your trip will be very long and tiring. It will take you about 23 hours to get to Astana by bus or train. You will get from Shymkent to Nur-Sultan in 2 hours with FlyArystan. You will not get tired of a quick and comfortable flight with our low-cost airline. You will be able to run your errands, plan meetings and explore the most interesting places of interest in Nur-Sultan.

Cheap flights from Shymkent to Nur-Sultan (Astana)

You can manage the price of Shymkent – Nur-Sultan flight tickets on your own. Choose only those services that will be really helpful for you on board. We offer our passengers: hand baggage + check-in baggage, priority boarding and seat selection on board, combo lunches and drinks, and etc. There are four fare bundles of plane tickets:

You will read more information about all fare bundles when booking a ticket.

How to buy Shymkent – Astana (Nur-Sultan) flight tickets?

You do not need to waste a lot of money and time in order to buy Shymkent – Astana (Nur-Sultan) tickets. You need to have a few minutes of free time and access to the Internet. An intuitive interface allows you to buy tickets via your mobile phone. Just go to the airline’s website and enter the following information in the search field: cities of departure and destination (Shymkent – Nur-Sultan), number of passengers, dates and click on the Search button. The system will offer the best flight options according to your request. Select the desired fare bundles. You can also view round-trip ticket options and buy the most suitable one.

Contact the FlyArystan Support Service. The qualified staff are always ready to advise you on all issues relating to the ticket booking and flights from Shymkent to Nur-Sultan.

Benefits from FlyArystan

Our customers get the best service at the lowest price. Advantages of flying with FlyArystan:

Shymkent – Nur-Sultan (Astana) flight timetable

Find the Timetable tab in the Plan and Book menu section. Enter the desired dates and the cities of departure and destination and click on the Search button. The system will show a full timetable. You can plan your trip with comfort.

How to get to Shymkent International Airport (CIT, UAII)?

The city’s public transport is available from 06:00 to 19:00. The bus fare is 50 tenge. The list of buses that run to the airport:

We recommend that you arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours prior to the departure. Check in for a flight and do not worry about arriving late at the airport. In order to save your time, go to the FlyArystan main page and check in online.